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Protect Gardens From Rabbit Damage

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Apr 2020

Today being Good Friday means that Easter is around the corner; and while children may be excited to eat chocolate and participate in egg hunts, homeowners, especially those with home gardens, are wor … read more

February Plants To Grow

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 17th Feb 2020

Why wait until spring to begin a fruit and vegetable garden? There are plenty of plants to grow in February that can be enjoyed later in spring and summer. Here is a list of plants to grow in February … read more

Plants To Grow This Fall For Deer Resistance

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 4th Oct 2019

Deer damage is the number one complaint among gardeners and farmers; and with over 30 million white-tailed deer roaming in the United States, growers can't be too cautious when it comes to garden prot … read more

Toxic [Deer Resistant] Plants To Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 11th Mar 2019

Gardeners are ready to dig their tools into the ground now that spring is just a week away. For home gardeners looking to keep deer away from plants in spring, they decide to grow deer resistant fl … read more

It's National Golf Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Aug 2018

August is National Golf Month, a time to celebrate golfing as a sport. Golf brings in many different crowds: beginner golfers; veterans and even...wildlife. To keep deer off golf courses, deer managem … read more

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