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Rabbit Barrier Fence Ideas

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 12th Mar 2020

Keeping out rabbits and other small critters from gardens may seem virtually impossible; but luckily, there are fences on the market that can block burrowing attempts.

For starters, having a hexagonal fence with PVC is a good choice for rabbit deterrence in gardens. The shape of Steel Hex Fencing, using 1" x 1" fence mesh, makes it difficult for animals to use their teeth to cut through the PVC into the steel core. The UV-resistant material is chew-resistant and lasts 20-30 years. 

Another good choice is a 19 gauge welded wire. Like the Steel Hex Web Fence, this type of metal fence is PVC-coated and contains 1" x 1" hole dimensions. The fence is square shaped instead of hexagonal; however, it is still a solid choice for rabbit defense.

Fence installers tip: Trench both types of rodent barrier fence into the ground 6-12" for best results. Best height? 2-3' feet high.

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