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Say "No" To Electric Fence For Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on

There are many types of fence on the market; but for pet fencing, pet owners usually choose to buy chain-link fence for large dogs and electric fence for small and medium sized dog breeds. While some homeowners may express that chain-link fencing is not aesthetically pleasing in yards, it has it's perks and is not inhumane as an in-ground dog fence. Here's why homeowners should say "no" to electric fencing for dogs:


Dogs like to run and play in yards; and when they get shocked from an electric fence, they become afraid and will stop moving freely around perimeters. Electric fences are often used as training tools for young dogs; but if they are too scared to freely roam, what is the point of buying one? Dogs are mindful of the fence; so, why harm them?

In addition to chain-link fence, there are other alternative fence types for dogs that may be of interest to pet owners that do not wish to use "shock therapy" on their companion animals.