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The Easter Bunny Is Coming For Your Garden

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Apr 2019

It's Good Friday; and that means that in 48 hours, the Easter Bunny will be hopping his way into gardens to score fresh vegetables from home gardens. Rabbits are the second most destructive garden critters, after white-tailed deer; and growers are looking for the best garden management strategy to rid bunnies and rabbits from landscapes. Here's how to do it:

Hexagonal Fence

A fence, hexagonal in shape, is best to keep away rabbits from gardens. Thanks to small mesh dimensions (1" x 1"), bunnies will not be able to slip through the holes. The hexagonal shape is strong to resist chew marks caused by gnawing rabbits that use the fence to trim down their teeth - growing 5" inches each year. PVC on hexagonal fencing is highly recommended to act as a secondary layer of protection. 

19 Gauge Welded Wire

Weld Wire Fence is another strong rabbit fence; however, it is a secondary choice to a steel hex fence. The hole sizes on 19 gauge welded wire fence are small to block bunny intrusion; however, the squares are not as strong as the hexagonal knots on the fence and may not work against larger animals. 

Installation Tip for metal rabbit fencing

Trench the fence into the ground about 6 inches to block burrowing attempts from rabbits.

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