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The Psychology Of Rabbits Chewing

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 19th Mar 2018

Rabbits seem to chew on everything - hard surfaces, grasses, hay; but nobody has ever wondered if there is a deeper reason for the scissor action ( known to happen by rabbits). 

Rabbits teeth are always growing in fact 3-5 inches annually; and that is one of the reasons why they chew on everything. To stay comfortable, rabbits trim their teeth by chewing on hard surfaces such as along a fence line. 

For gardeners, this is an important thing to know when worrying about garden protection. If rabbits frequent gardens regularly, than Rabbit Proof Fence may be of interest. This type of fencing has PVC-coating to stop chew marks [Female] rabbits burrow more than males; and the rabbit barrier fence, if trenched far enough, may deter bunnies from reaching vegetable gardens through tunneling. 

Gardeners can also set out rabbit food for them to chew on instead of the fence. Try these:

  • apple, willow, aspen branches; hay!
  • pine firewood;
  • cotton towels
  • compressed alfalfa cubes

It's time to stop rabbits from chewing through to carrots and other vegetables of yours. 

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