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​What Are the Advantages of Galvanized Wire Fence?

​What Are the Advantages of Galvanized Wire Fence?

Posted by Shelby Carlson on 3rd Jan 2023

If the humble fence's history is any indication, fences are one of the hallmarks of American landscape design. Fences have a variety of purposes, from designating parks from surrounding land to protecting endangered trees.

Yet, the fundamental goal of all the different types of fences is to keep some things out and other things in. But how can your fence achieve either of these goals when it is rusting, damaged, and falling apart?

Does it sound like we're describing your fence? If so, then you need better fencing materials. And there is no better fence material out there than galvanized steel wire.

What is galvanized steel, and what are the advantages of a galvanized wire fence? We will answer these two questions and more in this guide, so keep reading for everything you need to know.

What Is Galvanized Steel Wire?

Galvanized steel wire is a special type of steel wire. Steel is an alloy created from a combination of the element iron with carbon atoms added. The added carbon reinforces steel, making it much stronger and more durable than iron.

Putting steel through the process of galvanization increases its strength and durability even further. Galvanization means applying a coating of the element zinc to the outside of steel.

Galvanizing steel has multiple benefits. First and foremost, galvanization prepares the steel for contact with the elements. That is why galvanized steel wire is a top choice for outdoor fences.

What Are the Advantages of a Galvanized Wire Fence?

Galvanized steel wire is extremely strong and durable. Deerbusters uses a Class III galvanization process which has been known to protect the steel for up to 40 years, depending on the environment.

Once the zinc coating wears off, the fence will be more prone to corrosion and age (more on these below). But the steel will continue to hold its durability. Steel is extremely strong against abrasion and breakage.

What other benefits can you expect from your new galvanized steel fence? We are guiding you through some of the most important ones next.

What Are the Uses for a Galvanized Wire Fence?

There are dozens of ways you can use galvanized steel wire around your home and property. Of course, the most obvious way to use this material is for a fence around your property.

But you can also use this material to keep pests and animals out of your garden. If you have dogs, you can use this material to create an outdoor space that will be chew-resistant and safe.

Make sure you choose a mesh wire fencing material to ensure you get these advantages. These fences feature small holes to allow adequate airflow. But the mesh is compact enough to keep small rodents from getting through.

Does a Galvanized Wire Fence Rust?

As you may know, iron is naturally prone to rust. Rust happens when iron gets exposed to water or humidity - and because steel includes iron, it is also prone to corrosion and rusting.

But zinc is a rust-resistant metal. That means it can protect your steel fence from rust for much longer than a normal metal fence. For example, some studies have found that galvanized steel can last more than 85 years outside.

The exact amount of time your fence will last before rusting depends on the environment. Zinc naturally corrodes when exposed to the atmosphere. So, the corrosion rate in your area will determine how fast your fence rusts.

It is also important to understand why zinc corrodes when exposed to the air. Earth's air contains high volumes of the pollutant sulfur dioxide, though concentrations have declined in recent years.

Why is this environmental pollutant important, you may ask? Sulfur dioxide is the number one environmental element that is corrosive to zinc coatings.

How Long Does a Galvanized Wire Fence Last?

The lifetime of a galvanized fence varies greatly, ranging anywhere from a few decades to a few centuries. The exact amount of time your fence will last depends on the following factors:

  • Your local rate of zinc corrosion
  • The amount of rain in your area
  • Physical impacts to the fence
  • How well you maintain your fence
  • The weight or thickness of the zinc coating

There are many other factors that play a role in a galvanized steel fence's lifetime. For example, whether there is a coating on top of the wire as well.

How Much Does a Galvanized Steel Wire Fence Cost?

The cost of a galvanized steel wire fence will depend on a lot of factors. These factors include how much fencing you need, the gauge of galvanized wire you would like to use, and more.

At Deer Busters, we offer 4-foot by 100-foot galvanized fence rolls with 2-inch by 4-inch mesh squares for the low price of $181.95. We also offer competitive bulk pricing for these fence rolls, and a price match guarantee.

But we also carry a wide variety of PVC-coated Galvanized Steel Wire that will extend the life of your fence even longer!

How Can You Extend the Lifespan of Galvanized Steel Wire?

If you can protect the zinc-coating from the natural elements with another layer of protection, you can extend the life of your galvanized fence wire exponentially.

Most of our galvanized fence wire is coated with a PVC-coating that protects the zinc-coating of the galvanized fence wire. This coating not only created a protective layer but also helps improve the rigidity of the fence wire. Additionally, the color helps blend the wire into its background, providing you with a nearly invisible look.

You can also paint galvanized wire fencing to also provide a layer of protection from the elements as well. This can be a simple DIY project that will increase the lifespan of the galvanized wire.

Need Fencing Materials for Your Next DIY Project?

So, what are the advantages of a galvanized wire fence? Galvanized wire is more durable, rust-resistant, and affordable than other fencing materials on the market. It has many uses in and around your property.

Are you searching for fence materials online? At Deer Busters, we specialize in solving all your fencing problems. Browse our metal fencing products to find the right materials for your needs!

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