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Why Adopt Older Dogs

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 26th Jul 2018

Most perspective pet owners seek puppies to bring home; but there are many reasons why it's better to adopt senior dogs. 

For one, senior dogs are already potty-trained. Training older dogs is easier, since they are more mature; and they will act quicker than a puppy. All pet owners will really need to do is show them where they need to go to use the facilities. 

Secondly, older dogs need extra care; and for individuals who enjoy taking care of others, an older dog will do. Aging dogs will require more frequent trips to the bathroom and the vet's office. 

They will also need more exercise. Instead of the typical 30 minutes of daily activity, aging dogs require a one each day. Incorporate strength training exercises into a daily regiment to keep bones and joints strong. Try exercises that include sitting, jumping and running. All of these exercises can be done in the fenced in backyard.

As we approach the Clear the Shelters event on August 18, 2018, consider adopting a senior dog. 

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