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Why Buy Fixed Knot Fence?

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 18th Feb 2020

Woven Wire Fence is a fence of many names; but one thing is for sure, it is the strongest type of metal fence on the market serving a variety of applications. 

Deer farmers use this type of metal fence to secure domestic deer herds on deer farms while livestock owners use woven wire fence to secure cattle, sheep, goats, pigs and even chicken on farms and pastures. Gardeners with heavy deer pressure choose woven wire fence to secure their gardens, too.

Woven Wire Fence is also known as Fixed Knot Fence, Hi-Tensile Fence and Solid Lock Fence because of the "solid lock" feature that stands out. The High Tensile Fence is determined by the inches between horizontal lines, the height of the deer fence and the inches between vertical lines.

This metal fence requires some heavy machinery and strong, able bodies to help install the fence; however, it is unique in that it lasts 40+ years outside! 

Note: Incurs freight shipping charges*

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