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October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 3rd Oct 2016

October is National Animal Safety and Prevention Month (NASPM), a time for pet owners to practice safe handling and preventative measures for domestic pets. Our pets are not just animals; they become members of our family, our confidants and our best friends."National Animal Safety and Prevention Month was created by the PALS Foundation. PALS is dedicated to helping people and animals co-exist in a way that benefits all of nature. They believe that humans must come to know the value of all animals, both domestic and wild, and the important role that they play in our ecosystem." (

There are several ways pet owners can participate in NASPM such as:

1) Micro-chipping dogs so they can be easily tracked if they escape from the home;

2) Putting together a disaster escape plan if there is a natural disaster that requires immediate action;

3) Reporting suspected abuse of animals;

4) And, of course welcoming a new lovable pet into your home from an animal shelter.

This month, encourages pet owners to pet-proof their homes by providing both dogs and cats with safe outdoor play areas. To ensure that your pets are free from predators and harm's way, Deerbusters recommends installing a dog fence or cat fence in the backyard.

steelhexclean-resize.pngDeerbusters offers dog fence kits and dog fence rolls in both a poly fence mesh and steel hex web that can create a reliable pet enclosure. Our heavy duty plastic dog fencing is ideal for small, calm dogs that may not challenge the fence. If your dog is a digger or chewer, we suggest upgrading to the metal dog fence options which are chew-proof, dig-proof and will stand up for years in the elements.

Our Kitty Corral Cat Fence Systems are offered in heights of 6" or 7.5" foot and will give your feline friends the freedom to move around the backyard. Complete with overhang extenders, this reliable cat fence kit is virtually impossible for the cat to escape.

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