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Chronic Wasting Disease Found In Elk

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 29th Aug 2018

Wyoming Game and Fish Department have confirmed a bull elk tested positively for Chronic Wasting Disease in Elk Hunt Area 66. The elk was killed northeast of Meeteetse. 

Last year, over 3300 cervid were tested for CWD in the hunting area, and surrounding cities, within the state of Wyoming. The spread of CWD is caused by white-tailed deer that are infecting deer breeds through saliva transfers. 

Chronic Wasting Disease is a fatal, neurological disease that affects deer herds. It is not known to spread to humans; and cannot be spread through infected deer meat - although deer hunters are advised to use caution. 

Deer and elk fencing should be installed around farms to separate animals to prevent the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease.

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