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Cold Weather Pet Tips

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 21st Jan 2019

Across the Mid-Atlantic region, and New England, northern's are experiencing chilly temperatures and a bit of snow after the weekend's arctic blast. This is a good time to go over pet safety tips during cold weather. 

While dogs like to play out in the fenced-in backyard, pet owners need to understand that pets should not be outside for longer than 15 minutes during cold days - compared to 30 minutes of daily activity during warm days. Pet owners should wipe down paws after outdoor playtime; so, their foot pads do not crack and hurt them. And, as much as we laugh at dogs wearing coats, or even roll our eyes, protective outerwear for dogs is a must when temperatures drop under 45 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Do not assume that the fur coat is enough to keep dogs warm. Bring dogs inside and provide them with a warm dry area; plenty of fresh water; blankets and TLC.

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