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Deer Problems Moving Into May

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 23rd Apr 2018

It's true, April shower bring May flowers; and while the rain helps brighten up the appearance of landscapes, it also attracts white-tailed deer to spring flowers. This is something that gardeners need to keep in-mind moving into May.

May is a great time to grow a variety of flowers. Here are some flowers to plant in May:

  • Daffodils (A deer-resistant plant. Click here to see more.)
  • Tulips
  • Roses
  • Peonies

Roses are a great plant to keep deer away thanks to the thorns. Although deer gravitate to the sweet smell of roses, they will be hesitant to approach the plant after being pricked once or twice.

Choose flowers that look good in the garden but also keep out wildlife. These flowers will help gardeners with deer management this spring.

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