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It's Coyote Breeding Season

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 27th Mar 2018

Coyotes breed at the beginning of each year through the end of March; and the thought of coyotes getting 'intimate' may not seem like a big deal until you learn that they attack humans and pets including livestock. And, there are more of them on the way.

The rise of coyote attacks

Eastern Coyotes/Coywolves do not always wait to hunt at night. In fact, they pursue prey during the daylight hours and then wander the remainder of the day. Coyotes are less likely to attack a human than a pet; and they mainly attack domestic dogs, stray cats and backyard chickens. 

Coyote management can be done by the use of a 6 feet high steel fence, repellents and scare tactics. Dogs can wear spiked vests while outside and be surrounded by a dog fence for protection. Coyote Rollers can be installed at the top of fences to deter coyotes, as well.

Coyotes are crafty animals that chew and dig; and they will stop at nothing to reach poultry, small dog breeds, and cats.

What to do if you see a coyote:

  • Make a lot of noise
  • Bang pots and pans
  • Wave arms, clap hands, shout
  • Throw small stones and sticks
  • Spray them with a hose

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