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It's National Golf Month!

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 10th Aug 2018

August is National Golf Month, a time to celebrate golfing as a sport. Golf brings in many different crowds: beginner golfers; veterans and even...wildlife. To keep deer off golf courses, deer management strategies are a must for golf course owners. Here's what they need to start doing for the safety of their players:

Deer Fencing

Installing a deer fence around golf course perimeters is a must for keeping away deer. For starters, deer block shots. Golfers may not swing as high or as hard if they spot a deer. They will not want to injure the deer with their shot; nor do they want the white-tail to run away with the golf ball. 

Deer fencing will keep deer off playing fields and allow golfers to play. And, although rare, the use of a deer fence will prevent deer attacks on humans (and pets). The best height for a deer fence is 7.5-8' feet high.

Plant Deer Resistant Flowers

Golf course managers can have deer-resistant plants grown along the side of golf courses to prevent deer browsing. Deer hate the taste and smell of certain flowers, including lavender, marigolds and daffodils; and they will wander elsewhere after a few nibbles. 

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