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Protect Cats: Enforce Coyote Management

Posted by Jennifer Smith on 25th Mar 2020

New research declares that coyotes will choose domestic cats as snacks [in addition to anything else they can stick in their mouths] throughout the course of the year. While coyotes generally stay away from people, they choose to attack small pets if given the opportunity. To protect feline companions, fence installation is recommended. Here are two types of fence to consider for coyote management:

Steel Hex Web Fencing

Fence that is hexagonal in shape is used by many types of growers for wildlife deterrence and commonly used by livestock owners to protect chickens from coyotes, wolves and foxes. This type of metal fencing is PVC-coated to protect the steel core against chew marks from these pack members. Because of the tiny 1" x 1" mesh dimensions, coyotes find it difficult to reach inside lawns and gardens. The best height for a coyote fence is 6' feet high

Cat Fencing

Many cat owners have heard of catios but are not aware that there is a cat fence system on the market for domestic cats. Fence for cats allows felines to roam yards without getting lost, attacked by wildlife or stolen. These fences include overhang extenders to deter cats from jumping out and block external predators from pouncing in. Like Steel Hex Fencing, cat fencing should be at least 6 feet high. 

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